13 December, 2011

Download and Listen Here: BAnky W unveils brand New Singles #SettingP and #Lowkey

...Lead Singles from the Forthcoming #R&BW Album

BANKY W is BACK with TWO brand NEW singles -  the infectious R&B slow jam #LowKey and the massive party jam #SettingP - to serve as the lead singles from the forthcoming #R&BW album!

The Sarz-produced #LowKey is a compelling R&B slow jam which not only gets you in that baby-making mood but also excellently showcases Banky W's vocal dexterity and his songwriting prowess over captivating keyboard and violin arrangements and well-placed drum patterns.

Co-produced by MasterKraft and Banky W himself, #SettingP is a massive dance floor filler which is led by lush percussions and talking drums and grandiose synths which fuse beautifully with Banky W's undeniable vocals that will most definitely get you dancing and going down low for all of four minutes.

Both songs also see Banky W showcase his versatility as he flexes his rapping skills on #SettingP and #LowKey. With these two songs, Banky W has officially returned as the King of African R&B and we CANNOT wait for the forthcoming #R&BW Album!

Download and Listen to #SettingP

Download and Listen to #Lowkey


  1. Andy G.12/13/2011

    Eme ezzzyyyyy!!!!! Must download these singles

  2. Anonymous12/13/2011

    Nice one

  3. Can i get an autograph from Banky? I like the first picture.. Banky without his hat! #sexy

  4. Yemi Ramos12/13/2011

    Dope singles from BankyW... Will add them to my playlist.. #Lowkey #settingP

  5. Setting P and Lowkey is so on point .. Loving it

  6. Lowkey is so sexy.. I love the beat... Who produced it?

    Chorus: when we go low, #lowkey.. I jes love the beat..

  7. #Lowkey is my favorite

  8. I luv ur style,banky


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