10 September, 2011

Huh!?!?! Olisa Adibua batters colleague

The news broke this afternoon on www.thenetng.com that Mr Olisa Adibua of Beat Fm and Glo naija sings battered a junior colleague and he is on suspension. But seriously, why would a man beat his colleague like this? 'This guy Dewunmi a staff of Beat FM was beaten black n blue by his boss Olisa Adibua for taking a rest while on duty at 2am. Olisa who is noted for his temperament has also fought Jim Iyke in d past. What do you think of this act by Olisa Adibua who also presents Naija sings for Glo on MNET ? What is your reaction to this? I don't know the how it happened and what led to this but Let me know what you all think about this act. Thank you

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  1. A lawsuit or two should bring his temperamental ass to his senses. I cant imagine a public figure like that giving himself to so much rage a s to cause such a bodily damage to a colleague. It does not speal well for his image α̲̅πϑ its setting a bad example for his fans. I am disappointeD.


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