24 September, 2011

Update on ABSU 5 Gang Rape

The Nigerian police in Abia State said today they have arrested  two persons in connection with the Abia gang rape case.
Speaking to Sahara Reporters from the police headquarters in Aba, Commissioner of Police in the state, Bala Abdullahi Hassan , stated that police detectives in the state arrested one "Zaki" and his roommate late last night.
The commissioner did not provide the full names of the arrested persons claiming that his detectives would not want to jeopardize the possibility of making more arrests.

Also in another development Sahara Reporters said "Our investigators exclusively confirmed that the rape, which was videotaped and posted online on August 17 2011, took place at "Maranatha Lodge", an off campus student's hostel  near ABSU. Two students, Ifeanyi Ogu Justin  and Jonah Uche have been identified by witnesses, a third perpetrator, "Zaki" is reportedly yet to be fully identified"

Justice must be done and also seen to be done...

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  1. Anonymous4/04/2012

    thanks for the update. Do you know if they have now been charged to court or if they have arrested the others? This is April 2012 now, and we have not heard anything about this case in a while....


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