02 September, 2012

NBC Bans Wande Coal’s “Go Low” Video

Wande Coal‘s latest music video, ‘Go low’ has been given the sledge hammer treatment as it received a ban from the National Broadcasting Commission, barely two weeks after it was premiered.
We’re told the NBC has released a list of videos which included the MAVIN Records’ video which was directed and shot by Mr Moe Musa in the UK.
The NTBB  (not to be broadcast) ban however only restricts the video from being played on ‘Free-to-air’ TV stations. What this means is that viewers of cable TV stations can still watch the video as the ban doesn’t affect them from playing it.
If you remember Kenny Saint-Best disapproval of the video on twitter where she accused Wande Coal and Don Jazzy of re-introducing nudity back to music. KSB might be right afterall


  1. Jide Abass9/02/2012

    KSB banned it before NBC

  2. Short Man9/02/2012


  3. Anonymous9/02/2012

    Just too raw


  4. Anita Seydou9/02/2012

    Ksb warned wande on twitter first n now it has happened. The nudity in the video was just too much.

  5. @ebutecastle9/02/2012

    NBC just made the Go Low video a must see by all those they trying to protect from seeing it.

    I saw the video twice or thrice
    before the ban, now have gone back to watch it another 4 times to see what the fuss is about, that's what banning or censors those, it makes the mind more inquisitive.

    Censorship can't work in a country like Nigeria where the government don't control the media or the internet access like countries like China and Saudi Arabia.

    For NBC to be more effective it must just be able to ban videos but be able to have a code of conduct or an approval rating which the Nigeria public will in time understand and appreciate. A perfect example is NAFDAC number, most people now look out for this number on whatever they buy or is given to them even if the number is questionable sometimes.

  6. Anonymous9/02/2012

    There's nothing wrong about the video #MyOpinion

  7. Amaka R.9/02/2012

    I didn't like the video before

  8. the video is not of nudity as it as being called...more news and gist here at www.gistyinka.com


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