25 September, 2012

Domestic Violence: Katherine Edoho & Hadiza Azzay Speak Out

In support of Peace One Day's Global Truce 2012 'Reducing Domestic Violence' Campaign and in celebration of Peace Day taking place on the 21st of September, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa is creating awareness of the human and emotional cost of domestic violence by launching a short Eliminate Domestic Violence documentary which voices the experiences of gender-based violence victims. 

Given that over 50% of Nigerian women are abused by their husbands, this video represents a call for the complete eradication of gender-based violence and a milestone in the campaign to amplify public awareness of domestic violence and empower victims to voice their experiences without reproach. 

During the March 21st 2012 press launch of the Global Truce 2012 Campaign, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa Founder-President H.E Mrs. Toyin Saraki addressed both the problem of gender-based violence and

its potential solutions. In keeping with its pledge to mobilize networks in support of Peace One Day's Global Truce 2012, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa has implemented various initiatives including the Peace Summit in Ilorin which promoted harmony, tolerance and conflict resolution through dialogue; the Walk Against Rape in Lagos which encouraged rape victims to speak out; and the Peace Prayer Outreach in Kwara State which enriched the lives of those in need and advocated for understanding between religions. 

These efforts all served to promote peace, non-violence and solidarity within Nigeria and more importantly advanced the vision of Peace One Day.

Watch The Video Here


  1. Anonymous9/25/2012

    Olori postage, we no see video watch na

    1. the video is there ma

    2. Anonymous9/25/2012


  2. anuoluwapo9/25/2012

    Domestic violence must end

  3. Anonymous9/25/2012

    I can't see d video o

  4. Anonymous9/26/2012

    cant see any video.

  5. nice one

    pls check out my site


  6. Abiodun Salami9/26/2012

    issues like this women don't come out to report such abuse. I pray haduza and katherine get justice about this issue. olori thanks for putting this up

  7. Patricia A.9/26/2012

    more women should come out and stand against domestic violence. we can't continue to protect men who are wicked and beat up their wives.

  8. Nina Clarke9/26/2012

    evelyn lozada is a victim of domestic violence. she and chad sorted themselves out and they r officially divorced .. she has moved on with her life. more women need to come out and fight against this. I feel sorry for women who are going through this and they can be counselled too. I hope nigerian govt has a good ministry who can provide these services

  9. Abike Sanya9/26/2012

    MTN needs to stop frank edoho from who wants to be a millionaire program cos it is more or less like promoting what he did to his ex wife. he shud be punished by the law


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