28 June, 2012

Super Story: Step Mom Pours Hot Water on 18 year old Stepson while Asleep

The increasing rate of home abuse, wife battery, especially child molestation, maltreating, and abuse now is very alarming and calls for serious and quick intervention by all. I got this story from a friend and though it’s worth sharing.
Ola is in a critical condition as I write. He is under serious intensive care in a hospital around Igando area of Lagos. His step-mum who works with the Lagos Internal Revenue Service took laws into and hands and punished him for beating her little daughter by pouring hot water on him while asleep.
“The argument that led to the sad incident started when my step-mum saw me beat my sister” recalls Ola, she got very angry and wanted to harm me back in anger, she reached for and did all she could physically, I tried to defend myself but she overpowered me. She got more furious after my father and some neighbors tried to stop her, and she started scattering the house and even broke bottles. My uncle who also lives around was able to drag her away from the house, and she slept
over at his’ that night. I was still sleeping on my bed the next morning, when I she walked into my room and bathed me with hot water; I staggered to the living room and saw my father and uncle. That was the last I remembered before I passed out and woke at the hospital.
Ola's back
One side of Ola's Body
The father said his brother came into the house around 4:30am the next morning to settle the rift that occurred the previous day; they all sat in the living room, when the wife stood up and went into the kitchen. She was going in and out, and they thought she was preparing herself for work, not until Ola walked out of the room, looking weak and skin peeled, and fainted on the ground. We quickly rushed him to the hospital, while she stood staring and mocking him for calling out for help.
The case has been reported at the police station, while the boy is still at the hospital wallowing in serious pain, and the step-mum on the run.

Please incase you have any information about her whereabouts, contact the nearest police station.
Ola's face


  1. Anuoluwapo6/28/2012

    She must not go scot free. I pray she gets arrested.

  2. Anonymous6/28/2012

    jesus christ,lord have mercy.

  3. Man's inhumanity to man! Jeez!!! The woman is a psycho!

  4. Anonymous6/28/2012

    The woman need to be Shot Dead.

  5. nikkie6/29/2012

    Shez so heartless.....WTF

  6. Desola6/30/2012

    This is so pathetic,is ola's mum not living with them?if the woman is not found God will her accordingly..wish ola quick recovery.

  7. Anonymous6/30/2012

    Since you blogged this, please confirm the latest story coming out that the brother was caught sexually abusing the little sister and not beating her.

  8. Anonymous7/01/2012

    If truly he ws caught abusing d lil gal den he deserves more dan dis..wt rubbish!!!!!

  9. crazychick7/02/2012

    @Anonymous it seems u related to the wife if not u won't open u rotten mouth n say nonsense.do u live with them or what?don't ever say what u don't know or have an idea abt.if u don't want ur generation 2 be bathed with hot water while slping,u better keep ur trap shut n go lay on Brt lane.if u don't know d genesis of d story its better u ask who does.asshole motherfucker!!!!!


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