22 October, 2012

Mrs. Sheila Mary Solarin (nee Tuer), the widow of the late Dr. Tai Solarin is Dead

Sheila Mary Solarin (nee Tuer), the widow of Dr. Tai Solarin, popularly called Madam Sheila is dead. We got this information from a source in Mayflower Private school Ikenne in Ogun state.

Mrs. Sheila Solarin, co-founder, Mayflower School, Ikenne, Ogun State  is the wife of  Dr. Tai Solarin, the late educationist. Madam Sheila  got to Nigeria in 1952, that was  60 years ago and was married to Late Dr. Tai Solarin at the age of 27 years, they were married for 43 years. They were both students  at the University of Manchester. She said Tai Solarin was very hard working, honest, kind and had  a sense of humour.

Madam Sheila has being sick for some time because she accidently fell from an Arm chair she was trying to sit on. This led to her admission in the hospital sometime July this year.  She and her late husband had two children, Corin and Tunde Solarin.

Madam Sheila was 88 years old before her demise

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