31 January, 2012

Affairs: The Artist "Paint my shame"

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It had been a month since Kojo left. One long, slow, dry and painful month.

Do I miss him? Every day. Does it hurt still hurt? Yes, but not as much it used to. It is pain. It never goes away; it just gets easier to bear. The memory of that evening haunts me and I cry, sometimes. The very scent of my room still dredges up repressed emotions and thoughts. I can’t blame it; he did break up with me within those walls.

I had to get up, get out and put my broken heart and life back together. I could no longer stay in this deplorable state that the split had put me in. I can’t keep missing and wishing he’ll come back when he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me. (I checked his Facebook page…and Twitter…and his Yahoo status updates…and his Skype status)  I had to get over Kojo, feel sexy and flirt again.

What better way to do this than to pick up a new activity. No, not getting under someone. All that ever does is cause more complications, emotionally and psychologically. I picked up something I had always wanted to do but couldn’t because work was too much and all my free time was mostly spent with him. Now that he is gone, they are filled with emptiness, tears, fatty foods and sad, romance movies. I picked up Art. Drawing, Painting and other related activities. I enrolled in an Art School which was just a fifteen minutes’ drive from my apartment.

And how has it helped?

This Saturday morning, I went to the salon for a Manicure and Pedicure which I hadn't done since he left and it had left my hand and feet looking like that of a peasant. Plus, I put on lipstick today to Art Class at noon. All of this had to be paying off because my Art teacher kept stealing glances from behind his canvas.

His name was Louis. He was about six feet tall or more as far as my sense of height could tell. His facial features were rugged; stubble on his chin and a mustache, his eyes looked sunken, sad and tired. His lips were small and thin like that of a white man. It was obvious from the texture of his hair that he was mixture of different races. He had a slowly, maturing beer belly and was a bit too plump for my liking, compared to Kojo’s tall and skinny but fit frame. He was pretty much everything I found undesirable in a man but yet his constant gazes at me made me giggle inside like a school girl.

I was fresh from a breakup (1 month is still fresh, right?) and emotionally vulnerable so any form of attention felt like a little slice of heaven. It told me that even if Kojo didn’t want me, I was still a very attractive woman to others. That I wouldn’t die alone or amongst cats or farm animals like some of my grandmother’s friends.

The flirting continued for a few more weeks before somebody decided to take the first move. A move which I was soon to regret.

Class was over early that Saturday afternoon but I stayed back to finish on some practice exercises I couldn’t get to because of work. I sat there slowly and carefully working out the shades of my silhouette when I heard his footsteps walking in my direction, gentle yet sturdy.

He stopped behind me, and I knew he was watching what I was doing with the charcoal stick.

‘If you tilt your wrist in this direction, you would get a better shade of what it is you desire’

He reached out and placed my wrist in the position he had spoken of, and within minutes, we were at a nearby bar having a drink and some pizza.

We talked and laughed. He told me of his family. His father had passed away a few years back, and mum lived alone in the country side. He spoke of how he got into painting and his love for it. So passionately, he spoke of it as his one true and only love. Obviously, being the kind of man he was and the kind of work he did, he had been with women; not so many but he had had his fair share of beautiful women in his life.

If I say I found myself warming up to him, that would sound so cliché but the way he looked into my eyes, his smile, his laugh and those times when his hand touched mine whenever he got so emotional about something and wanted me to feel it (At least that what I think all the hand grabbing was for), I have to say I was a bit smitten.  We left the bar after an hour or two. It was getting late so we strolled towards my apartment.

He would see me off with a light kiss on the cheek and leave. I have no time or desire for any form of intimacy. Maybe he could step in for some wine, besides what am I going to do inside than wallow in my sorrows. Just a drink, chat and that would be all. He would be gone and I would be asleep.

‘Lovely place you have here’, he said when he stepped into my living room.

‘Thanks!’ I replied. ‘Would you like a glass of wine?’

‘Sure but nothing alcoholic. It is late and I still have to go home. Don’t I?’

He grinned. I smiled and went in search of something non-alcoholic. That is if I had any. Since the break-up, it had been alcohol, alcohol, fruit juice with alcohol, tea with alcohol and some more alcohol.

‘Thank God’, I muttered.

There was still some fruit juice left over from last night and a large amount too. I cleaned out two glasses and took a tray of cookies as well.

‘There you go’ I placed the tray on the table and sat next to him on the sofa.

‘So you live here alone?’

‘Yes. Just li’l old me by myself’

‘No boyfriend?’

‘No. We just broke up a few weeks back’

‘What happened?’

And so the story of Kojo and I began to unfold. I hadn’t really talked so much about it since we split. Even Zara tried to get me to spill how I really felt but I preferred to hold it in and cry whenever I was alone.

The pain still felt very fresh. How I miss Kojo!

I began to cry as I narrated and had to stop when I couldn’t go any further. He moved closer to me and hugged me tight. I needed that. I completely broke down. Crying like a baby. He got out his handkerchief and wiped my tears and the little snot that was slowly dripping down my nose.

‘Oh dear. I am so embarrassed’ I got up.

 ‘I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to break down like this’ I laughed and went it to put myself back together.

As I stood in the kitchen, washing my hands,I heard thunder strike outside and looked out the window. It was pouring heavily outside. There was lighting and more thunder.

‘Shit!’ He might have to stay a bit longer than I had wanted.

I went to the living room.

He had gotten up from where he had been seated.

‘I have to take my leave now before it starts raining cats and dogs outside’

‘I guess I have to be the bearer of bad news then. It is already raining cats and dogs outside so I think you might have to stay a while till it goes down.’

‘I don’t know if that is such a good idea…’

I walked up to him.

‘No. it’s okay. I don’t mind. I promise not to cry again if that is what you are worried about’

We both laughed.

‘No. I just didn’t want to cause you any inconvenience’

‘I’m fine.’

We smiled and got back to talking. Two hours had gone by, and the rain didn’t seem to showing any signs of stopping soon. And I was getting tired and very sleepy.

He had no choice but to stay here for the night so we discussed and after my persistent pleas, he agreed to stay and sleep on the couch. What other option did he have? To stay awake till the rain stops? That clearly wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.
I gave him a spare blanket and pillow and we bade each other goodnight.

(To be continued...)

30 January, 2012

Alec Godwin Re-marries

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Some years back, Alec Godwin and wife,Kefee Branama , parted ways on the ground of irreconcilable differences. It was recalled in the news then that Alec was a wife beater and Kefee had to leave her matrimonial home to avoid being disfigured.

Their marriage lasted for three years (2005 - 2008)

After 4 years of being alone, Alec Godwin got his groove back after the messy divorce and remarried.

He got married on Saturday January 28th,2012 to his new wife. Congratulations Alec!

Major Al-Mustapha sentenced 2 death by hanging

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According to Reports getting to us, Lagos High court convicts All-Mustapha & Shofolahan sentences both to death by hanging for the Death of Kudirat Abiola wife of Late MKO Abiola, 14 years after her assassination by Late Head of State CSO Al-Mustapha.

Complete List From the 2012 SAG Awards

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"The Artist," "Boardwalk Empire," "The Help," Jean Dujardin and Betty White were among the winners at Sunday's 18th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. The SAG Actor honors were given to both television and film actors. Winners are chosen by their acting peers. Take a look at the complete list of winners below.

Winners List

Outstanding stunt ensemble, Film: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2"

Outstanding stunt ensemble, TV: "Game of Thrones"

Outstanding male actor in supporting role, Film: Christopher Plummer, "Beginners"

Music: TOLU (Ex-Finalist of MTN Project Fame ) drops new single “WHYNE IT”

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Versatile and prolific singer, song writer, producer and finalist of 2010 MTN project fame is out with his 1st smashing single as a sequel to “Arewa” , the song that got him the 5th position at the 2010 MTN Project  Fame. This tune he calls “WHYNE IT”.

Tolulope Abraham Adesina popularly known as TOLU is a prolific vocalist, performer, songwriter and producer. Originally from Oyo state and the first of five siblings. Tolu was born in Kaduna State and began singing since he was 11 and has come a long way. He lived most of his childhood in the north where he went

29 January, 2012

Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder Attend Etta James' Funeral

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James, a four-time Grammy Award winner, was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. The 73-year-old singer is survived by her husband and two sons. The music world lost one of its greats when Etta James lost her two-year battle with leukemia January 20. Hundreds of the legendary blues singer's family, friends and fans gathered in an L.A.-area church Saturday to honor the "At Last" musician.

Christina Aguilera performed James' timeless hit "At Last," while Stevie Wonder sang with the church choir. Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy.

Aguilera, 31, has been a longtime fan of James. "Her raw tone and the passion she put forth on a record spoke to me at a very young age and has continued to influence and inspire me throughout my career," The Voice mentor explained on her official website. "Etta James was a force to be reckoned with. A true gift to music and a woman of great spirit and courage."

CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2012 Awards extends entry to February 22nd

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CNN International and MultiChoice this week extended the deadline for submission of entries for the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2012 Awards to February 22, this year.
According to a statement availed to The Guardian  yesterday, over the past 17 years the competition has grown in size and status to become Africa's most prestigious media event.
The statement said the competition recognizes excellence in a number of categories, including Arts and Culture Award, Digital Journalism Award, The Coca-Cola Company Economics and Business Award, Environment Award, Free Press Africa Award, The HIV/AIDS Reporting Award, Mohamed Amin Photographic Award and MSD Health and Medical Award,
Other categories are Print General News Award, Radio General News Award, Sport Award, Television Features Award, Television News Bulletin Award, Tourism Award, Francophone General News Award and Portuguese Language General News Award.
Finalists in the 2012 competition will participate in a finalists' programme that will include a media forum and

28 January, 2012

Wow Valentine Season Event this February at Ember Creek

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The Biggest Entertainment,Networking and Shopping Hang Out for the Valentine Season.

Come 5th of February, 2012 the city of Lagos will witness a fashion event like no other : The Wow! Valentine . An interesting mix of networking, celebrity performances and autographs, a fashion show as well as astonishing sales of various valentine gifts and accessories - all in a day ! This edition will hold at Ember Creek, Ikoyi from 11 am till 7 pm.

Side attractions include give aways ( courtesy of Sixth Sense, Kiki Kamanu, Qonot, Ember Creek, Bheer Hugz and a host of other Partners ), autographs by Praiz, Ese Peters, Ibiyemi and Goldie. Performance by three surprise guests and a star studded fashion show ! (The fashion show would be held twice due to popular request)
Wow! Valentine is organized by Wow! Connect Ltd.

 For more information visit www.facebook.com/WOWConnectng
For Event Participation pls call : 08097291357 or 08034742593
Wow ! Connect (organizers of Wow! Valentine )is a trend conscious event and marketing company that deals solely in the architecture of innovative solutions to meet it's ever growing clients' needs. From mobile events to social marketing, Wow ! Connect has a package fror every need ; be it individual or corporate.

27 January, 2012

Kim Kardashian has signed on for a new TV project, but this time she won't be playing herself

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The 31-year-old reality star has booked a multi-episode arc on Drop Dead Diva. According to reporters, Kardashian will play Nikki, a new love interest for Fred (Ben Feldman) who is also starting a new business venture with his ex Stacy (April Bowlby). "I'm ecstatic to welcome Kim to the Diva family," creator and executive producer Josh Berman said  I'm so excited to see Kim 'reinvented' in the world of Drop Dead Diva."

Kardashian will make her first appearance in the Season 4 premiere. Shooting is expected to begin in February with episodes slated to premiere soon.

Halle Berry '5th Avenue' Shoe Line To Debut In March

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 Halle Berry shot her shoe commercial in Germany. The Hollywood star was on a set in Berlin, promoting her new line for German shoe chain Deichmann to be called 5th Avenue by Halle Berry.

Berry chose to launch a line with Deichmann.She's not famous for being high heel-crazy (like some stars we know), nor is she known for her remarkable red carpet footwear (she's no Daphne Guinness or Lady Gaga).
Halle Berry is Deichmann's new spokesperson and has designed a whole collection that will hit European stores in March.

Top Notch Designers Join the WED EXPO train

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As the biggest wedding exhibition of the year 2012 heats up, organizers of the most anticipated event, WED magazine have revealed that there are very limited spots available for the Saturday March 24th and Sunday March 25th Exhibition.

The exclusive event which has been slated for the exquisite event place, The Haven located at the Ikeja G.R.A, Lagos is due to attract the power brokers in the industry which cuts across fashion houses, wedding planners, make up lines, jewelers, photography channels, beauticians, caterers, cake makers, bridal accessory retailers from all walks of life, journalists and of course, the general public.

WED Expo will serve as a platform for singles, people in serious relationships and lovers getting ready for marriage, to meet with the power brokers in the industry with the aim of getting rightly informed and inspired on new trends in the industry and how to purchase products and services at reduced prices.

Interested companies and individuals that want to partake in the WED Expo are enjoined to visit the website of the Expo at www.wedexpo.com.ng for exclusive details bothering on the event. Registration is free for guests and spots for exhibitors are selling out fast as the date for the event draws near. Several mouth watering prizes are up for grabs as participants register. Top on the list of the prizes include an all expense paid lovers vacation, a trip to Dubai or South Africa, blackberry phones and many other prizes.

Participants at the 2-day Expo will be treated to a Runway show which will showcase the newest trends in

26 January, 2012

Soul Diaspora Movie Premieres this Weekend at Ozone Cinemas

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Red Carpet Panafrican
Soul Diaspora is a several time award winning feature film, including Audience Favorite Award at the "Pan African Film Festival" of Hollywood, and winner of "Best Film by an African Filmmaker in Diaspora" at the AMAA, "African Movie Academy Awards". Soul Diaspora depicts the story of Saidu, a Nigerian immigrant in Los Angeles, struggling both with his new life, and his inner demons and past. It is a modern tragedy dealing with human relationships, tolerance, and redemption, it highlights how important it is to understand and care for one another from the perspective of a multicultural youth in places like Los Angeles.
The director of the Soul Diaspora Odera Ozoka and also produced the film Ije, Starring Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.

The premiere of Soul Diaspora will be taking place at Ozone Cinemas, E-Centre 1-11 Commercial Avenue, Yaba, Lagos State, on Saturday January 28th, with a red carpet starting at 6:30pm. It will be a very intimate

Entries for 'Women for Africa' Awards is Open, Nominations end January 31st

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‘Women for Africa’ was birthed from a 20 year desire and passion to see women honoured and appreciated in a celebratory way. Everywhere you go in life you see women. Focused, driven, determined, ambitious, resourceful, passionate, talented, inspiring are just some of the characteristics that are embedded in these women.

Africa has over 40 countries and a large number of women who are unique and different in their own individual ways. Women of all walks of life tend to face a lot of challenges in today’s society and we feel it is time this is recognised, hence why we are launching Women for Africa Awards to celebrate and encourage African women. For more information about this event click the Women for Africa Awards link.

The ‘Women For Africa Awards UK’ will in 2012 seek to honour and award a number of women from African countries at a prestigious venue in central London. The categories have been carefully picked so as to encompass women in their many different roles.





CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Competition 2012 Entry ends Today

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African journalists are invited to apply for the 2012 edition of the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Competition. The Award is the most prestigious and respected Award for journalists across the African Continent. Its objective is to reinforce the importance of the role of journalists in Africa’s development and to reward, recognise and encourage journalistic talent across all media disciplines.


You must be an African National, working on the continent for African owned, or headquartered, media organisations. Your work must have appeared in printed publications or electronic media that is primarily targeted at and received by an African audience.

Award Criteria

Their panel of independent, highly respected and experienced judges are in pursuit of excellence. They will be looking for entries which:

  •     Tell the story in a balanced, comprehensive and objective manner
  •     Demonstrate journalistic integrity and resourcefulness
  •     Communicate the story in a way that makes the topic accessible and relevant to their audience
  •     Display well organised research and insight
  •     Was broadcast or published, in English, French or Portuguese only, between January and December 2011 with proof supplied
The Prizes 
The journalists selected by our panel of judges will enjoy an all-expenses paid finalists’ programme of networking activities and workshops, culminating in the Gala Awards Ceremony. Each finalist will receive a

Jhybo set to drop his Debut Album on February 12 2012

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Multiple award winning  youth Ambassador  Jibola Toriola popularly known as JHYBO ended the year 2011 with more than a dent on the Nigerian music industry .This Ogun state born Singer ,Songwriter, Composer/Producer/Rapper  has learned the ropes from virtuoso likes Green and Cobham’s before putting pen to paper with BAY productions. A graduate of mass communications from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic
, Abeokuta Ogun State would not be compared to anymore in terms of music content or delivery as he maintained ‘JAKAD YATO SII SATIN’.

After series of singles which have done more than justice in the Nigerian Music circuit, earning him global recognition and couple of silverwares like The NEA award, African Entertainment Award and Champs
award with several nominations which includes most promising youth in the just concluded Dynamix award,

The Truth about the Lies of Friends with Benefits (FWB)

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The more you tell a particular lie, the sooner you start believing it’s true. But the truth about lies is that two people cannot tell the same lie effectively forever. Either one of them finds religion, and decides to
spill his guts, or the other begins to believe the lie – and that said lie becomes the only truth known to him, thus he’s stuck in that made-up world, while his cohort sees the lie for what it is – a lie. And viola – a conflict of agreement emerges.

Not all lies are fabricated to deceive. But all lies by their nature are misleading. Come to think of it, “lies” have been called by many names – fiction, fantasy, and pranks are some common social euphemisms for the word – sorry, I digress.

There are some relationships you choose to keep low-key for reasons best known to you, but recently I witnessed the resultant chaos that occurs when the lines between the lies you tell others and the lies you tell yourself become blurry. One of such lies is found in the concept and principles of “Friends with Benefits” – friends who conceal the actual status of their relationship (to close friends and family) while they enjoy the

Jay Z and Beyonce Name Oprah Winfrey as Blue Ivy Carter Godmother

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z have reportedly picked the godmother for their daughter Blue Ivy and it’s none other than media mogul Oprah Winfrey. ) It seems only natural that the girl who will one day run the world having already become the youngest person to make the Billboard charts would have the Forbes Celebrity 100’s #2 gal to look after her. 

Get Onboard MOBILE MONEY Powered by MTN

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 As the New Year unfolds, Nigeria’s leading Telecommunication network, MTN is partnering with GTBank to deliver a more convenient means of money transaction between family, loved ones and business partners across the country.

 In partnership with GTBank, the newly introduced service “Mobile Money” is a secure, convenient and affordable way of sending money using an MTN mobile phone.
 With this new exciting service powered by MTN, you can:
1)      Send and receive money across the country with your phone.
2)      Recharge your phone by purchasing airtime.
3)      Pay bills e.t.c.
Mobile Money is a fast and convenient way of sending money when in an emergency or when paying bills, we have been able to create this new service which will be beneficial to a lot of Nigerians on the MTN network as well as Non-users

MTN Users can dial *500# and follow the instructions to activate MobileMoney service. Visit www.mymobilemoneyng.com for more details. You can also visit www.facebook.com/MTNLoaded or www.twitter.com/MTNNG to get additional details.

Mary J. Blige took to Twitter to Vent her Frustration over Oscar Awards Snub

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The 'No More Drama' Singer Mary J. Blige was upset when finding out that her song "The Living Proof", which serves as a soundtrack for "The Help", got no nomination at this year's Academy Awards.

The Academy award nominations were announced on January 24th and ‘The Help’ is one of the leading films with mentions in Best Picture, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Viola Davis) and Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Octavia Spencer & Jessica Chastain). Many people were happy to see more color in the Oscar categories, however, it was surprising that Mary J, Blige’s ‘The Living Proof,’ the original song from ‘The Help,’ wasn’t included in the list of nominees for Best Original Song.

The real problem is that the category she would’ve been nominated in only used 2 of the 5 spots — meaning that there were 3 open spots for more nominees but for whatever reason they just weren’t used. Not only did Mary feel snubbed, she felt downright ignored and she took to her Twitter and tweeted:

“I’m so thankful for true fans like you all. It saddens me & feels like the Academy is being mean. 2 only nominate 2 of the 5 slots is…….”

“@maryjblige Not mean Mary they are being racist..They really don’t want to acknowledge “US’ but great work is simply great work they have to”

Nollywood Yoruba Actor Giorgio Lekinson is Dead

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Popular Nollywood Actor Lekinson died of Diabetes yesterday January 25th, 2012 in Oshogbo, Osun State. His death was confirmed by Honorable Rotimi Makinde who is an Actor and a Member of House of Reps. Lekinson has featured in so many Home videos. May his soul Rest in peace.

Just this week, Mr Ibu lost his two year old to food poisoning and also Nollywood actor David Ihezie died last week.May their souls Rest in peace. (Amen)

Hello Beautiful!! Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Lipstick Coming This February

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Two years ago, Nicki Minaj collaborated with Mac cosmetics for her "Pink Friday" lipstick, which sold out every Friday night during the short stint that they were available.

Her sassy pink lip stains are back, this time with Viva Mac Glam! A photo of the pretty cosmetic appeared on Instagram with the caption:

"Nicki Minaj Viva glam coming in Feb. left to right…. Flamingo, nicki, pink pigeon. Haven't tried it on, but it look hot. BOOM BUHDOOM BOOM BAYBEH #mac #lipstick #vivaglam"

24 January, 2012

Arab Investor Spends $200,000 on Goldie's Music

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It's no more news among the close friends of Goldie Harvey, one of Nigeria's hottest female artiste that was present at a private party organized in her honor to celebrate her recent reloaded album release "Gold Reloaded" under Kennis Music.The private party was hosted at the home of her new Arab friend Neyal, a Dubai born millionaire business man. The party play host to few of her friends including the CEO of Kennis Music Mr.Kenny Ogungbe.

The announcement was made by her found love Neyal at the party after her speech. Neyal thanked everyone for coming to the party and made the surprise announcement to invest $200,000 on her new reloaded album

Apply Now for 2012 Big Brother Africa Season 7

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This year’s edition (the seventh season) of the Africa’s biggest TV shows; Big Brother Africa, is coming back for Africans viewing pleasure by May 2012. The announcement has come this early to give individuals who are interested in partaking ample amount of time to get set for the incredible journey.

The Managing Director of M-Net Africa, Producers of the show, Biola Alabi, says BBA’s audience should expect something different from past editions. MNet's Big Brother Africa  pulls off another huge surprise and this year. The producers  this season are doing something different. Those applying  must DOUBLE-UP to compete and it  means that if you want to enter for this year's season, you must partner with another person to enter as a pair. You can pick your classmate as your partner, your best friend, your sister, brother, family friend, cousin, your husband/wife if possible, your neighbor if you trust him/her etc.

M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi says, “We are thrilled to be offering a huge, new, USD 300 000 prize and to include two new countries who were chosen to participate based on their ongoing

2012 Oscars Nominees List: The Artist and The Descendants compete for Best Picture

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The 2012 Academy Award nominations were announced today, in part in a TV and online broadcast hosted by Jennifer Lawrence and Academy President Tom Sherak. Leading the pack was Hugo, which scored 11 nominations including Best Picture, though The Artist wasn't far behind with 10 nods of its own. Though as few as 5 films could have been nominated for Best Picture, the category includes 9 films, indicating a wide range of support for a number of films, including several that were seen as complete long-shots for the nomination, like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and War Horse.  This year's Oscars will be handed out during the usual lavish awards ceremony on February 26.
Here's the full list of categories

The Artist
War Horse
The Descendants
The Tree of Life
Midnight in Paris
The Help
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
Alexander Payne, The Descendants
Martin Scorsese, Hugo

Mo'Chedda, Mo'Eazy and Darey Perform in Ghana

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Darey , Mo'Chedda and Mo'eazy
Soul Muzik acts Darey and Mo’eazy last month performed to a cheering crowd at The Accra International Conference Centre, Accra, Ghana. The crowd rocked all night to lavish beat and tunes from Darey and Mo’eazy and other Ghanian acts. Nigerian female pop sensation Mo’cheddah also performed that night.

The trio also had fun sightseeing and visiting media houses – Y FM and TV 3.

Photo Buzz:
Mo'eazy interview  

Blog Post: If Goodbye Doesn’t Hurt…

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If goodbye doesn't hurt, then the person waving away was never really there in the first place. If goodbye feels like liberation, then the person waving must have been your stern prison warden.

24 days into the year, and I'm writing my first heartfelt piece - finally unblocked. I'm making myself a mug of hot chocolate at 4 in the morning, as a tribute to the days gone by - a relic and maybe a reminder of she who waved goodbye. Some people are victims of pain, but I choose to benefit from it. 'Cause when you see life

23 January, 2012

Introducing '3 Live Chicks' - The Trio Oreka Godis, Tosyn Bucknor and Toke Makinwa

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What do you get when you throw three strong and independent radio personalities together on tv? The '3 Live Chicks'.

The multi-talented trio of Orecka Godis (formerly with The Beat and now on NN24), Toke Makinwa (OAP with Rhythm and TV presenter) and Tosyn Bucknor (popularly known as 'Area Mama' on Top Radio) will host the show which is a Flytime Entertainment production.

3 Live Chicks' aims to be cutting edge as it mixes fascinating interviews with some real talk and a glimpse into the lives of the hosts!

It will air online and also on terrestrial television.

To find out more, follow @3livechicks on twitter!

Nollywood Actress Lola Margret Premieres Omo Oloro in UK

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Lola  Margret is set to hit London social scene real hard this Febuary when she premieres her new movie 'Omo Oloro' at the prestigious planet Nollywood on Friday February 10th, 2012 from 8pm.

Already the UK scene is buzzing, expecting the movie and Top Comedian, Mr Latin, is expected to be the MC. And after the premiere, Top Fuji Act, Mr Shefiu Alao, will perform the London premiere. It is packaged by Top UK Promoter, Ade banks. Tickets  goes for 20pounds single and 30pounds double.

'Omo Oloro' is a classy movie which stars Fathia Balogun, Lola Marget and Mercy Aigbe.The movie is directed by Award Winning Director Bayo Tijani and already it is getting a lot of commendations from those who have seen the preview.

Music: Fecko Tha Emcee - Phunky Something

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FECKO has decided to unleash one of his songs from his 'yet-to-be released' music project he's been working on for a while now. He calls this one 'Phunky Something', and the track is produced by Big Foot for Micworx production. Please share and enjoy!

Listen to Phunky Something Here
Download Here

“Ẹni Dúró” -- No waiting, No holding back by eMJOY

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Born Mayowa Adebajo, eMJOY is a remarkable gospel artist hailing from Nigeria (and currently schooling in Toronto Canada) on the scene to marvelously showcase God’s grace and truth and draw us all nearer to his mind-blowing love.

Ẹni Dúró,” a Yoruba phrase which literally translates to "you won't wait" in English or "no holding back” is a ‘dance-provoker’ jam fresh in 2012, almost like saying “Happy New Year, REJOICE!”

This is the latest track from quickly-emerging gospel artist, eMJOY (aka the eMJOY Channel). eMJOY

Pop Star Dencia drops New Single 'SuperGirl'

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Fast Rising Pop Starlet DENCIA who came into the limelight with her hit single "BeriBeri" has officially dropped her 2nd single titled "SUPERGIRL".

Supergirl, a charismatic pop love song has Dencia showing a softer side of her where she defines herself as a diva who is simply looking for a man who will treat her right.  In the chorus Dencia states "You know that I'm a diva, love me and I'll love you back, its gotta be 50/50, if you wanna be with me"  addressing the stereotype


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 Tyme out Lounge founded by Ace Comedian Tunde Adewale popularly known as Tee A has moved from its present location in the premise of Ivory Health Club, Ikeja Lagos.

Since 2010, the lounge has been alive to men and women from the music, banking and oil industry.

Owned by Tee A, a catering enthusiast, Tyme out Lounge is a non- smoking bar and restaurant

Regarded as a super-MC, writer, presenter, comedian and entrepreneur, the University of Lagos graduate

Video: Lamba by Hakym the Dream

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Hakym's first Single 'Plenty plenty' landed him a 2009 nomination for 'best new act' and his follow up single, was the sensational 'Dey Dere'. 'Dey Dere' is a hit no doubt and is rated one of the best R and B songs to come out of Nigeria. After a little break during which he got signed into a huge record label called Serengeti, Hakym the dream bounced back to the industry with Scoobi doo and Scoobi doo remix in which he featured Eldee the Don with 2011 big brother winner Karen Igho on the video.

The song was and is still being rewarded with massive airplay. And now, Hakym is set for the TAKE OVER with this club banger: LAMBA. Even before this video drops, Lamba as introduced by Hakym is already being used as a slang in the industry and Serengeti music has no doubt that this song would be the deal breaker. Enjoy.

Watch Here

An Exclusive Pre-Valentine Party 'IGNITION' brought to you by Oluwacaptain Ent.

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This event is poised with the fantasy of bringing the closeness of friends and lovers all with glitz and glamours;  An atmosphere of beauty, fashion and elegant. An affection of special moment with the promise of togetherness.
We are all a little weird, and life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it I G N I T I O N.
IGNITION "An Exclusive Pre-Val's Party" with Oyinkansola & Karat KiD

Host: Sage Black

Album Review: Goldie 'Gold Reloaded'

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ARTISTE – Goldie


ALBUM DURATION – 1hr 9mins 30sec

GUEST ARTISTES – Baba Keke, Banky W, eLDee, Jaywon, Kas, Magnito and TM 9ja

LEAD SINGLE – Don’t Touch My Body (Celebration Remix)

RECORD LABEL – Kennis Music

PRODUCTION CREDIT – Kas, Oga Jojo, OJB, Sarz, Sunny “masterkraft” Nweke, Tyrone, and Legendary

Sometime in 2008, I saw a music video on TV titled “Shift”. It featured a plump lady with rambling singing pattern, trying so hard to be sexy. That was the first time I set my eyes on her and obviously I was not impressed just like many music lovers at that time. This lady happened to be Goldie.

Fast forward to 2010, a fresh, revamped, and light skinned Susan “Goldie” Harvey with tremendous weight

YUNG6IX - Oh My Gosh (OMG) Video

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Yung6ix's Second Single "Oh My Gosh" (OMG). The talented Young Rapper from Warri Keeps it real  over a 21st century Hiphop beat Displaying Lyrical Dexterity that has never been heard before on This side of the Altlantic. Fresh Off the successful release of his Debut Mixtape, "Green Light Green" Yung6ix is already garnering International attention and is gradually achieving Local Dominance.

The Video, Directed by Bobby Boulders was shot in Lekki, Lagos- Nigeria and Johannesburg, South Africa, it features impressive cameo appearances by Naeto C, Jesse Jagz, International DJ
Neptune and the song's Producer, P.Fizzy.

Watch the Video Here

Comedian Tracy Morgan Rushed to Hospital at Sundance Film Festival

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According to reports, Tracy Morgan has been rushed to a hospital in Park City, Utah after falling over during an awards ceremony at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Creative Coalition is a nonprofit organization that "educates and mobilizes leaders in the arts community on issues of public importance, specifically in the areas of First Amendment rights, arts advocacy and public education."

Morgan was attending the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City where he was being honored.

22 January, 2012

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dike Models for TIANNASTYLIN

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Star Actress Tonto Dikeh is at it again.Today, she is one of the biggest Actress in Nigeria.Producers line up scripts for her and she is also trying her hands on music.Tonto was pulled to ILLESHE Beach by top celebrity stylists TIANNASTYLIN on Saturday Jan. 21st.

Standing for hours she modelled pictures of the label for a fashion catalogue out soon.

Tonto Dike,born in June 1985, she is a graduate of University of Portharcourt, who took a big risk by coming to Lagos to seek a career in Nollywood shortly after she completed in the Next Movie Star Reality Show in 2006. In just 5 years she has worked her way to the top having featured in over 100 movies and she is today one of the highest paid Actress. She is also working hard on a music career having signed a management contract with Kas Records.

21 January, 2012

Is it Over? Heidi Klum and Seal to file for divorce' after six years of marriage

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The couple will apparently file divorce papers in the LA County Superior Court early next week.

The website said German supermodel Heidi, 38, will cite 'irreconcilable differences' as the reason for the split.

The reports have shocked fans of the couple who often make public displays of affection at red carpet events, and are a picture of happiness with their four children.

The couple or their management are yet to comment on the reports. They were last seen together on December 27, with Heidi tweeting a picture of her and her husband smiling against the backdrop of mountains in Aspen, Colorado.

They met in 2004 while Heidi was pregnant with her daughter Leni, now seven, with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore.

London-born crooner Seal, 48, was present for Leni's birth and later adopted her. He proposed on December 23, 2004, in an igloo he had built on a glacier in Whistler, British Columbia.

The couple married on the beach on May 10, 2005 in Mexico, near Seal's home on Mexico's Costa Careyes. They have three children, Henry, six, Johan, five, and Lou, two.

The couple is famous for renewing their vows every year on their anniversary in a lavish ceremony.

In 2010, Seal gushed about the tradition.

'Each year, Heidi and I get remarried,' he said

Splitting up their assets may prove to be a lengthy process. According to Forbes, Heidi raked in $20 million last year. It's unclear how much Seal made. Heidi was previously married to stylist Ric Pipino in 1997 but the couple divorced in 2002. Seal was spotted arriving at LAX yesterday morning, after promoting his new album in London. His wife attended the Golden Globes alone last Sunday.

President Jonathan Condoles with Channels TV, Others on Kano Incident

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President  Jonathan Condoles with Channels TV, Others on Kano Incident
President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed his condolences to all victims, including the management and staff of Channels Television, following the multiple bomb blasts and acts of violence which rocked the city of Kano on Friday, in which seven persons were confirmed dead and others wounded. Among the seven persons killed in the incident was a reporter with Channels Television in Kano, Mr Enenche Akogwu. Mr Akogwu was reportedly shot and killed while on duty during the exchange of fire between men and officers of the Nigeria Police and the terrorists at the Farm Centre Police Station, Kano.

President Jonathan who said he was greatly saddened by the incident which  led to the loss of lives of innocent Nigerians,  pledged to get to the root of the incident while assuring the management and staff of

Boko-Harram Leaflet! The Translation

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Boko Harram leaflet contain WARNING to "Muslims who may be assisting in fighting against the group"

Quick translation and subject to correction:

In the name of God, the most beneficent and merciful.

We are the ones that they address with the prohibited name Boko Haram, when our name is Jama'atu Ahlus

20 January, 2012

20 Feared Dead in Kano Bomb Blast

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At least 20 persons have been feared dead in multiple explosions targeted at least eight police stations, the office of the State Security Service and the Nigeria Immigration Service in Kano, Kano State.

It was learnt that a journalist with Channels television, Eneche Akogwu (31), was among those that died. At least three policemen at the Zone 1 Headquarters of the Nigeria Police in Kano also died.

Sources said that a man driving a Honda Civic vehicle had approached the security point at the police headquarters.

But instead of stopping, he drove through the security cordon, raising fears among the policemen at the entrance.

On gaining access, the man slammed the car into one of the buildings in the police headquarters, with massive explosions following.

The car, which was said to be bomb-laden, was torn into pieces along with its occupants. Three policemen on duty also died on the spot. The Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of the zone was reported to be in the office when the explosions happened but he escaped unhurt.

At least eight vehicles in the premises were blown to pieces. As the explosion at the police headquarters rented the air, so also did other bombs go off in the area.

This affected the two nearby police stations – Zaria Road Police Station and Farm Centre Police Station – and the SSS and NIS offices. At the NIS office, at least three persons were also confirmed dead.

In the midst of the confusion, Eneche Akogwu was said to have tried taking a few shot for his station. But unknown a yet to be identified gunman was said to have surfaced, shooting the reporter.

Boisterous Kano remained a shadow of itself as residents have scampered for safety. A security source told The Eagle Online that not less than 20 bombs must have exploded today in Kano.

Channels TV Reporter Enenche Akogwu Killed in Kano Bomb Blast

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So sad and my heart is heavy..

According to Sources, The Reporter who was recording the location of the multiple bomb attacks in Kano today was shot shortly after arriving at the scene of the Farm center police station attack in Kano.

After the first explosion at the police headquarters, Mr. Eneche reportedly went out to the spot to ask a few people loitering around about the blast thinking they could provide eyewitness accounts. However, they pull a gun and shot and killed him on the spot.

May his soul Rest in Peace.

Etta James Death: Beyoncé Speaks

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Calling her "the eternally great Etta James," Beyoncé is paying special tribute to the quintessential R&B diva, who died on Friday, January 20th morning at 73 from complications of leukemia.

"This is a huge loss. Etta James was one of the greatest vocalists of our time," Beyoncé, who played James in the movie Cadillac Records, posted in a message on her website. "I am so fortunate to have met such a queen. Her musical contributions will last a lifetime."

Speaking of her role in the 2008 film, the new mom adds, "Playing Etta James taught me so much about myself, and singing her music inspired me to be a stronger artist. When she effortlessly opened her mouth, you could hear her pain and triumph. Her deeply emotional way of delivering a song told her story with no filter."

Beyoncé says, "She was fearless, and had guts. She will be missed."

2012 Look Book: Men's Summer Quirk Collection by Orange Culture

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Orange Culture presents Two Capsule Collections: Elusive strength and Summer's quirk. Both capsules were created in December 2011; both ready-to-wear collections were created as capsules for Fab Night out for vlisco and Beth Male Model search 2011 with Martini. The Creative Director Adebayo Oke-Lawal's   release since the labels launch in April 2011.  Check out the Summer Quirk 2012 Collections.

Summer's Quirk
The Summer's Quirk Collection was created for the Beth Model Search organized by Martini. The fabrics include Chiffon, Cotton, Ankara, Cuordroy, Chinos and the likes. The collection is 

inspired by a very easy and colorful summer, its definitely for a fun loving guy, a guy filled with life, definitely a guy with a colorful disposition, rocking pieces suited to different fashionable summer experiences.

Photographed by Akinlolu Osinbajo
Model : Riccardo for 3line group and co.
Styled by BUBAAI


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