01 March, 2012

New Single: Ponkboiz - BoBo You ft Hakym The Dream

The Lagos based rappers PONKBOIZ, a group made up of Eme and Oluwakels drops their long awaited single "BoBo You" featuring Kora award winner, Hakym the Dream. The fresh Hiphop duo putting more work than play into their slum hustle is just stepping out with fresh breath in the Hiphop game with great plans and determination.
 The ever blazing PonkBoiz are fully ready to be the next big thing in the Hiphop scene. The rap group dropped a mix-tape EP in December titled " Slumb Rising" that pause the Hiphop game, they are hereby working on their forthcoming album.

1 comment:

  1. ponk boys ...i gat mad love for you niccur all the way from Malaysia ....make me proud niccur ...GGMUB ..this is Hip Hop movement


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