15 March, 2012

Scoop: Karen Igho refuses to be part of magazine shoot with Vimbai

Na wa oooo!!!! When will this beef/ fight end between Vimbai and Karen? A source confirmed that Big Brother Africa winner, Karen Igho refused to be on the cover with Vimbai, Zimbabwean BBA ex-housemate at a photo-shoot today for an Abuja-based magazine, Miss Dee. Her reason was that  she cannot be on the same set with the Zimbabwean. We all know they never liked each other during BBA Season 6.

Calls were made through to the Publisher of the Magazine to put more light to the situation on ground but her number was not available. 

 More details coming soon..


  1. Spice 853/15/2012

    this is serious

  2. poshcateyes3/17/2012

    I would do same if I was Karen, Vimbai told her point blank, I don't like yu, we ll nver have anything in common.... So Karen yu ve the right to refuse. Pple forget dat words hurt and they go deep.
    Why dem invite d babe sef, she is very lousy.


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