22 August, 2012

Meet Prezzo BigBrother Star Game Runner-Up Prezzo One on One In Lagos

                                                                          Prezzo is the first Kenyan representative to get to the finals in the Big Brother Africa reality show. He also proved pundits wrong by not only making it to the final six but also dominating the competition and becoming the second best overall.

As the new 'One Campaign' Ambassador, Prezzo will work on various campaigns with Bono, Mary J Blige, Nas and other Showbiz personalities in an effort to alleviate hunger in Africa and fight extreme poverty.

He may not have won the Big Brother StarGame prize, but Jackson Makini aka Prezzo could be the biggest beneficiary of this competition with the One Campaign Ambassadorship title!

Do I see you rolling your eyes endlessly? What has this got to do with you? As fellow Nigerians, we were kinda outraged at Prezzo's relationship with our nation's representative, Goldie which most of us felt was one sided. Long story cut short, Mr Prezzo has decided to solve all the unsolved mysteries and answer all the unanswered questions buzzing in our brains about every single moment in the StarGame House.

Can we call a press conference and cure this crazy case of curiosity?

Meet with Prezzo for a no holds barred conference today, Wednesday 22nd August 2012 at
"The Place" (45 Issac John street) in GRA, Ikeja. 12 noon prompt.


  1. Anonymous8/22/2012

    hun unnnnnnn,the bond between E A and W A is in your hand if you marry goldie you marry nigeria no hiding place .if you do ur bad boy gangster ,you will regret it we have bad boys and bad girls but this one you are looking for is our oyato .think very well .you are forgiven and pray the best 4 you too. you are her choice and so we love you for loving her .give us aso ebi ankara made in nigeria .we will all celebrate it and pray 4 you and your wife to be, she is your queen to be


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