10 November, 2010

TRENDING TOPIC ON TWITTER: #thingsthatblackgirlsdo


#thingsblackgirlsdo have hella back up dudes...sorry ladies #ihadtosayit

"@ClaireColeman12:  #thingsblackgirlsdo - Shake their booty better than white girls ;)"

#thingsblackgirlsdo From work to playing both parental roles, black women's versatility is rangeless.. #props"

#ThingsBlackGirlsDo have short hair on friday morning and long hair on saturday night.."

Just noticed  #thingsblackgirlsdo is finally a trending topic! Ive been trying to make it one for too long now. The world finally caught on."

#Thingsblackgirlsdo get thy momma auntie sisters daddy just 2 go catch a fade Lol momma n the back round beat tht bitch ass or Imma beat urs"

#thingsblackgirlsdo lie and say they pregnant by you and they not preggo at all"

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