01 June, 2011



Since music is food for the soul, today my plate is a delicious mix of Merry go round a groovy techno rap song laced with typical juju feel powered by no other than the inimitable CLUBSTAR- Chibu Agbasimalor , a fresh face in the rap game. Not everyone makes an excellent first impression, but Clubstar has a great career ahead of him. A clubstar track is like a good joke, you have to share it.

Chibu Agbasimalor is a dude in love with rap, who had to resign his lucrative paying job as a banker to further focus on his undying love for music. I couldnt stay there anymore, I had done everything in my department, I was getting bored and felt like time was tickitng away. I then took the decision to resign so I can pay more attention to my music
I have many influences but I have been mostly influence by Jayz, Kanye West, and DMX.

Harsh realities of being a Nigerian, art, poetry, inspire me at any time Long walk to fame land. The graduate of Nnamdi Azikwe University has B.SC in Bio-Technology and has been doing music for fourteen years.
When I was secondary school at Ijanikin, I used to perform for students in my dorm. I have been doing music since I was a teenager.

Clubstar knows how to make you want to get up and dance. The beat of this song sure takes you to the dance floor, till you say play-on! With his sexy polished voice texture, he delivers his lines with the ease of a don. Oh! I cant forget this lines-they call me Clubstar like am a rockstar ,get yourself in motion, drift like a ocean, this is intentional, move like a professional. Love it!
So that is music served with plenty of spice, groove that will make you move.

Clubstar is perked up for the top, and success has been a longtime coming for this dexterous lyricist, he is made for the top.

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