15 June, 2011

Win a seat at the U.S. New Tools New Government Event

The United States Consulate in Lagos has announced a Town Hall with Young Nigerian Leaders to discuss the use of technology during the 2011 elections and to monitor governance and accountability after the elections. The town hall meeting, which holds on Thursday, June 16 is presented by development firm, The Future Project. The by-invitation-only event will hold in the officers of the US Public Affairs Section in Lagos.

The town hall meeting between the US Consulate General and young Nigerian leaders, icons and influencers, is themed New Tools, New Governance - focusing on election and post election engagement for young Nigerians to build a strong democratic society and drive a true government of and by the people. It will feature a Keynote Address by the Consular General in Lagos, Joseph D. Stafford, presentations by developers of Nigeria-centric election participation tools and interactive sessions.

The Future Project in the hope of attracting an even representation of youths in the Nigerian society is opening ten (10) slots. If you are interested in attending the town hall meeting, all you have to do is send a mail to info@thefuturenigeria.com with a subject: “Slot Application – U.S. Town Hall Meeting”; stating your full name, phone number, and email address.

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