14 June, 2011

Nude pictures not mine Empress Njammah

The Attention of  our Star Actress Empress Njammah has been called to the devilious and wicked Photoshop pictures  of her being circulated on the internet and on various Bbm messages being posted in the last few weeks. Ordinary,  she  would have ignored these stupid pictures but sometimes silence they say means consent. In the last weeks has buried herself in work and has been busy with some big projects which has made her missing from most social events and circulation because of her determination to make 2011 the most productive year of her career so far.

This is to assure her numerous concerned friends, fans and family that the picture is not hers, a look at the devilious picture shows a tripod, light stand and if you look well you will see that the only part of the picture that is blunt are what is suppose to be her face, if you ask those who have seen my body they will tell you she do not have a single tattoo but just a birthmark .We leave whoever is not busy and has been sending these pictures around to their conscience where she concentrate on building her career and business which is doing well now. Empress view this as distraction and she will not respond further to these because her energy is for bigger and more productive issues and therefore unless a prove is brought that this is her last take on these disgusting picture.

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