02 June, 2011

Area boys demand lunch with President Goodluck

 Representatives of the largest group of youths in the Nation have demanded to have their own lunch date with Mr President.

This call comes after members of the youth body which boasts millions of members all over the country, claimed that they were either not invited to the Eko Hotel do on the 24th of May, or when they turned up for the event were barred from entering.

According to the group, Nollywood people were observed being allowed to enter the venue and this initially confused the members of the group as they had been told that the event was meant for the youth.

A spokesperson for the group however said that it was easy to understand how people whose job is to act could have easily deceived the president into thinking they were the youth of Nigeria.

Willing to forgive the President for mistakenly meeting with old people instead of the youth, the group has advised that when Mr President does their own come-chop, he should try and book any hall or open field in Ajegunle so that all the youth can come.

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