06 June, 2011

Tunde Ednut releases his second single 'CATCHING COLD'

It seems Tunde Ednut is really gearing up for the transition to a full artiste. The comedian has released a new single, titled 'Catching Cold', a follow up to his debut, 'My Kinda Song', and its video.
The new single, produced by Muno, follows along the lines of its predecessor, simple lines, simple beat, simple delivery; Tunde is not overdoing the effort, probably why he hasn't caused any major furors, good or bad, with his releases.
The two singles are expected as part of a body of work to be released soon. I'm sure the video to 'Catching Cold' soon will be coming out soon

1 comment:

  1. naomi ada7/01/2012

    cool lyrics it seems he looked at the weather the day he wrote that anyway good time for that type of song


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