23 October, 2012

Maliyo Games: WEMA Bank, CNN, DEMO-Africa & Facebook App

Maliyo Games in partnership with Wema Bank has launched the first advergame created with our very own local content to emphasize the true Nigerian spirit! Sharp Sule is a fun and interactive Facebook game that brings excitement and real value to its players.

Meet Sharp Sule: He’s a regular guy that works hard to earn a living. He aspires to run a bigger transportation business to earn more money and upgrade his status.

From the background music to his  ‘YE!’ scream when he crashes into a vehicle, you will have to avoid obstacles on the busy roads– cars, LASTMA Officials, and more– as you collect coins that will earn you points in the game as well as real cash.

There are underlying messages in the game that reinforce values such as hard work, resilience, timeliness, discipline and eventual success. The goal is for players to earn the no.1
spot on the leader board in other to win the grand prize of N100,000! There are also consolation prizes to be won! So are you game?

Have a quick play @ http://bit.ly/sharpsule

CNN Market Place Africa
Up next on CNN's Marketplace Africa; Maliyo Games in focus as Vladimir Duthiers reports on how young entrepreneurs in Nigeria are taking advantage of the continent's growing tech market -- and breaking down the barriers.

Watch the show at the following times (GMT):
Fridays: 1845; 
Saturdays: 0245, 0515, 1515;
Sundays: 0015, 1515

DEMO-Africa (Nairobi) – October 24th – 26th
Maliyo Games joins 39 other African start-ups looking to raise $640million in start up capital to grow the next phase of the African economy. The Maliyo team will be showcasing existing titles as well as brand new concepts. Read more @ http://goo.gl/ZIAli

Maliyo Games on Facebook
Since launching Maliyo Games, we've extended the availability of our content to expand beyond just web browsers with the launch of our dedicated Facebook application. 

Play all our games, find out how you perform on the leaderboard, invite friends and share @ https://apps.facebook.com/maliyogames/

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