17 October, 2012

#HuntingSeason .. Burna Boy VS Tonto Dike

Errrr!! We all know Tonto Dike released two of her single today 'Itz Ova' and 'Hi' .. Burna boy was  looking for 'wack' artists to shoot this evening and Tonto Dike was the victim.. He tweeted '‘God punish all of you who disrespect the name of music by releasing d noisy wackness bein released these days. Death is d least yu deserve’' 

Trust twitter na.. they responded to his tweets and told him that was too harsh.. People told him to delete the tweet or he should apologize . He later apologised one hour later saying "‘Ok maybe dat waz a bit extreme. I sincerely appologize. This is why I don’t tweet. A bit too honest. Sorry‘ adding that he had not heard the Tonto song and it never inspired his earlier tweet.

But come to think of it.. There was some truth in what he said and we all know the truth is bitter.. I guess you have heard her songs.. Enjoy!!!

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