17 October, 2012

VIDEO: 'Shame all my enemies' says Dame Jonathan

The First lady of Nigeria Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan on her arrival today thanked Nigerians that prayed for her and she also mentioned in the video that some 'people' said those who enter the villa with their family don't come out safely. She mentioned d likes of yardua , abacha and stella obasanjo. Please who are these people and how did she know they said that?

Dame Jonathan is really grateful to God that she is alive, hale and healthy..

Abeg watch the video...


  1. Oh My God!!! This is a disgrace! Whoever said this woman passed through the university? My God I think henceforth anyone who is to be elected as the president of Nigeria, his First lady should also be properly screened!!!!!!ewooo!! This is high level of disgrace(can't watch)

  2. Anonymous10/17/2012

    She said all that was in her mind not as the mother of the nation that she is suppose to be...
    It's a pity that she listened and acted on gossips...grow up Woman.

  3. Anonymous10/19/2012

    They mentioned........... Nigeria we hail thee, God pls heal ds country so lot re going wrong!


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