22 October, 2012

Rihanna Sets The World on Fire in 'Diamonds' Video Tease

On the set of her video for "Diamonds," Rihanna is on fire — and so is the world around her.
The singer was spotted at the L.A. shoot over the weekend, and by the looks of it, the lead clip from her November album release, Unapologetic, finds the singer smack-dab in the middle of an apocalypse-type scenario. Yet, she still manages to look completely stylish.

Rihanna at her video shoot for "Diamonds"
In various shots taken of Rihanna on the set of the Anthony Mandler-directed clip, she stands in front of a fire and gazes into the camera. The world looks to be in a shambles around her. As for her wardrobe and style, she's rocking some longer hair after recently cropping off her locks to a pixie cut. Some of the pictures feature her in a long white gown, in others she's wearing a body-hugging black gown.

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