21 October, 2012

Supergal Weekend Review: Still on Tonto Dike Songs #Poko

Been a while you read Supergal weekend review folks! Now let me share my very candid opinion/review of Tonto Dikeh's debut singles that's become a social media rave this week. I don't think I can ignore sharing it with you guys and really, I don't think Tonto should get herself worked up over being so criticised over her new-found career in music when there's (actually), a few things more worse than her; and that couldn't be anything else but Tonto Dikeh doing music!

Ok, what am trying to say here is: If there's anything more worse than Tonto Dikeh doing music, it is still Tonto Dikeh doing music!

I bet a lot of people wouldn't have been really surprised if she had released a sex tape and without think she's gone too far since everyone knows Tontolet is half-an-actress.

Seriously, I wouldn't have mistaken that for an April fool prank but hell no! Tonto's epic fail of a debut was released in October!!

I mean, who releases a totally ridiculous Nollywood soundtrack (that missed it's way to the editors studio) for a single! She could have at least, featured her godson Wizkid to save us the horror of her voice.

And if Tontolet had intended making money off that record, it better be from a lawsuit I'll advice her to file against whoever her manager and producers in crime are!

Now, if watching a music channel is your second best thing, it may now only be safe and

interesting until a Tonto Dikeh's video surfaces and you're at the mercy of your remote control to escape a disaster of an indefatigably awful actress degenerated into music's most embarrassing phenomenon!

And I can bet that a collabo with other musical acts could be in the making towards an album release! We're in for some desperate asswipes' series the moment Tonto, Vic O and Sina Rambo collides in a collabo. Infact, no one would need a disaster on their airwaves the moment the Nigerian music industry loses all standards and becomes one where a Tonto Dikeh would have a stage to perform, she'll destroy airwaves effortlessly, one-horrible-auto-tuned-voice at a time!

But even in the whole online rave about the talentless actress and her debut nightmare of singles, I've been motivated and now I can be very much convinced that anything or anyone can become or do the extraordinary, just as Tonto is showing us the extraordinary of wack! She proudly became the new hope of every wack talent, give it to her!! Now every talentless act out there can say 'If Tonto Can Do It, I Can Do It Too!

And to Tonto's friends who must have listened to the songs before everyone else and still cheered her on to become such a ridiculous new pop act, No Thanks!

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  1. Lol....I feel even if her friends warned her, the Poko Queen will still go ahead!#Poko


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