08 October, 2012

Faces of Aluu 4 Murderers...

Jungle Justice for #Uniport4 Students Killed.. They should know what pain is all about.. They won't go scot free


  1. Msy they be tortured before they die. In as much as i feel sooo hurtful bout the death of those boys,i think enuf harm has been done but they should just undergo torture and serve time in prison that way they would learn their lessons and also know how it hurts to put one thriugh pain.. let them live d rest of their lives with a mark that they wont forget.....I FEEL SO SAD MEHN!

  2. let this aluu community never see the break of a new day.

  3. Anonymous10/09/2012

    Hmmmm I cried.I cry n I still cry everytime I look at pictures of doz. Handsome young men.yet I neva met them before.its so unfair.let d judgement of God fall on everyman n woman dat stood there and. Watched dis happen to doz boys.Arise O lord!


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